• Arzhang Kamarei

It's Not Your Fault

Why every company needs an Organizational Architect.

Every organization over a certain size should have an Organizational Architect responsible for seeing if the structure of the company assists or impedes its goals.

I cannot tell you how many times I see a structural conflict in a company (e.g., two divisions who must cooperate but are not structured well to do so), where people develop tribalism ("Those people are idiots") and/or self-blame ("It's a shortcoming in me that I get frustrated with them") when in reality, they have simply internalized the structural conflict as psychological-interpersonal conflict.

A neutral figure specialized in these issues (Organizational Architect) who can evaluate the psychological impact of these structural or systemic inefficiencies would do wonders to resolve these problems. My guess is a bottom-line impact is 3-10% (which is huge for a major company).

Of course, most CEOs don't install such a person as they cannot appreciate the psychological impact of structure.

And so they hire coaches.


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