• Arzhang Kamarei

Wealth & the Legacy You Leave

Updated: Aug 27

Your legacy models for others how you deal with loss.

I have seen this go catastrophically wrong on more than one occasion. So I want to tell people who are mulling over their legacy and the wealth they want to give away...

The way to think about this is not, actually, about what you are giving away.

The way to think about this is not about what you are building for future generations.

This is not about what perseveres or what remains after you are gone.

This is not about perpetuating yourself into eternity.

This is about how you deal with the loss of yourself. This is about what you value when you cannot keep anything. This is about telling a story about your life. This is about how you make people feel.

Because everyone receiving your legacy will incorporate it into their lives based on the meaning you give it. That's how it will get stitched into their fabric of their being.

This is an opportunity for you. To make sure that you end consistent with the values you want you bequeath. Consistent with the principles you want others to admire. Consistent with the meaning and feeling of your life. Whether you are giving away $1000 and a rocking chair or $1Bn and 3 yachts.

Because every principle, every moral value you put into your gifts will permeate every single dollar that you give away. If you give away with lingering judgement, insecurity, resentment, fear, or greed, that is what you will be giving away. That energy will infect your gift. That, in fact, will be your legacy.

Consider your Story. Your Meaning. The feelings you want others to have. The values that you want to demonstrate.

Your gift is your chance to demonstrate grace, to lead by example.


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