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Arzhang is an executive coach and strategic advisor based in NYC with over 20 years’ experience in high stakes, high pressure environments spanning a wide cross-section of industries.  His clients include executives from Facebook, Google, Uber, Andreessen Horowitz, BlackRock, the NFL, the NBA, Comcast, McKinsey, and Goldman Sachs, in addition to startups and hedge funds.

Throughout his executive career, Arzhang has gained significant exposure to the challenges of leadership and peak performance across the fields of investment banking, tech startups, hedge funds, media, pharmaceuticals, and the food industry.

His approach focuses on solutions-based problem solving, incorporating multiple factors such as organizational psychology, negotiation strategies, and personal values to design fast and effective change strategies for clients.

Prior to founding Kamarei Advisory, Arzhang was the Co-Founder of Thesys Technologies and President of its parent company, Thesys Group (formerly Tradeworx), a hybrid technology company / hedge fund where he spent 10 years partnering with tech and finance pioneers to bring an array of cutting edge solutions to market. During his tenure, the company grew to $10-20 Billion in daily transactions, handling over 5% of the daily volume of the US stock market, or a total of over $3 Trillion in annual transaction volumes. 

Arzhang has also been active in public education initiatives, having consulted with members of Congress and their staffers, SEC and CTFC Commissioners, and having lectured extensively around the world, including as an AWS speaker in Las Vegas, Singapore, and San Francisco with additional engagements in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and São Paulo.  He has appeared on Bloomberg TV, in The Wall St. Journal, and his startup was featured in Michael Lewis’s best-selling book, Flash Boys.


Earlier in his career, Arzhang served for 6 years as a Vice President on Goldman Sachs' International Equities Trading Desk, before leaving to go to NYU Film School, a long time interest.  His later work in independent film provided an important introduction to entrepreneurship and collaboration with creative teams. 


Arzhang grew up in the research environment at MIT, where his parents had side-by-side labs in the Chemical Engineering department.  He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Harvard University, an MFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, an Advanced Diploma in Coaching from NYU, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).  Arzhang is the editor of Inside the Black Box:  The Simple Truth About Quantitative Trading (1st Edition) and produced a short film and scripts that were invited to the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals.  He currently lives in NYC with his wife, Rebecca Ringle, a professional opera singer who has performed at the Metropolitan Opera and around the world.  He has intellectual interests in theories of the mind and the intersection of culture, moral reasoning, and AI.



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