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Golbie's mission is to promote human flourishing and reduce human suffering, especially within organizations. Her work centers around coaching individuals (Founders, CXOs, VPs)  and Executive Teams to augment their individual and collective leadership during periods of growth, transition, or crisis. Her specialties are helping clients build self-awareness and personal mastery, improve interpersonal communication, repair relationships, and navigate complex cultural or power dynamics. Golbie also advises Founders and start-ups on issues related to organizational culture, individual and group transformation, and interpersonal communication.

Golbie's direct operational experience spans industries, business growth phases, organizational structures, revenue models, and economic cycles preparing her for a range of leadership and cultural styles, including:

● Private, Fortune 100-backed JV creating all-electric, self-flying eVTOL air taxis

● PE-backed omni-channel consumer discretionary (mega-influencers, DTC, national retail presence)

● VC-backed tech scale-up (int’l HQ, B Corp, Series E raise, enterprise SaaS acquisition, A$1B+ valuation)

● Public, Fortune 500 multinational financial services ($10+ trillion AUM, geo-distributed, matrixed org)

● Public, small-cap specialty REIT (external management, financial crisis induced liquidation)

● Private, family-owned industrial (public contract focus)

Golbie held various roles in investing and organizational development at BlackRock, global investment manager with $10 trillion in assets. She held key leadership roles in the creation/management of several global human capital initiatives at BlackRock including the Investment Excellence Program, Investment Research Development Program, and Human Capital Innovation Committee. Golbie also served as a Vice Chair for BlackRock's NY Women's Initiative and People & Culture Committee. She founded and led BlackRock Mindfulness in 2013 which offered training in self awareness and self management to nearly 1500 employees in 17 countries.


She was the inaugural Chief People Officer of Culture Amp, a VC-backed enterprise Saas scale-up based in Australia as well as the Chief People Officer (Interim) for Wisk Aero, a private, Fortune 100-backed JV creating all-electric, self-flying eVTOL air taxis. She also served as Global Head of People at Quay Eyewear, a PE-backed omni-channel consumer brand.


Golbie has been interviewed and/or had her work mentioned in publications including the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Human Resource Executive, and Work. She has guest lectured at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and University of Delaware and delivered keynotes at conferences including TED, Wisdom 2.0, Culture First, Mobius Next Practice Institute, Culture Summit, and the Mindful Leadership Summit.


Her TED talk, “Success at What Cost?”, highlights lessons learned from teaching meditation on Wall Street, post-financial crisis. She has led guided meditations/workshops at the U.S. House of Representatives as well as several multinational organizations. In June 2015, Golbie was recognized as a Corporate Culture Champion by Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center in partnership with Delivering Happiness.


Golbie earned a M.S. in business management (Sloan Fellow) from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a B.A. in psychology with honors from Stanford University. She is currently completing a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies.



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